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Sure, we have many long-term relationships with our suppliers, but we don’t establish them with just any grower or shipper. Many of our supplier partners have taken several years to establish and make what we needed for our customers.

Our vendor certification process assures that all of our vendors have the same high standards for food safety and all the other processes and procedures that we strictly maintain.

Every year, we make sure that all of our vendors are maintaining those standards. We check to make sure that every product we get is absolutely, positively up to par for our customers.

Trust, reliability, and confidence in our vendors-it all adds up to exceeding your expectations.

In other words: we want you to be happy. Please contact our buying department if you are interested in becoming a supplier for our company.


Dixie Produce, Inc.
PO. Box 429
Chattanooga, TN 37401
P  423-265-4614 F 423-265-4690
TF 877-992-9965