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Our Mission Statement

To be the provider of quality produce, dedicated service, and food products for our customers, thereby creating long-term, mutually beneficial relationships and value.

  • Maximizing every individual's potential
  • Creating a positive work environment
  • Satisfying our customers
  • Growing our business
  • Practicing ethical behavior


    • Building Strong Alliances - ensuring long term quality and consistency in produce programs.
    • Open Communication - the most effective way to create and maintain a business relationship that is beneficial to all parties.
    • Ongoing Education - taking the time to know the business needs throughout the network of fresh fruits and vegetables.
    • Team Work - the most successful relationships are those in which the participants work together as a team.
    • Loyalty - loyalty deserves rewards, Dixie will work with our loyal clients to provide you with the products and service you need.
    • Recognition - "Thank You" will be said to recognize good performance
    • Value - we are committed to creating value.
    • Respect - we want to earn your respect and trust everyday.
    • Availability - teach people to be flexible and to procure our produce "smarter."



Dixie Produce, Inc.
PO. Box 429
Chattanooga, TN 37401
P  423-265-4614 F 423-265-4690
TF 877-992-9965